Friday, October 11, 2013

Hamptons Time-Out

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by Waiting In The Hamptons. Although, currently I'm no longer stationed in my favorite beachside hamlets; I moved west to Los Angeles so I could pursue my acting/media/hosting/journalist/blogging/author/jack-of-all-trades career(s).

But that doesn't mean I stopped blogging!

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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Last weekend I began conversing with a friend of mine who expressed their ultimate desire about breaking into the entertainment industry, but who was convinced that doing so was a mistake, that obtaining work would be impossible and thus, it would not be worth pursuing. I was flabbergasted, shell-shocked, floored. I could not believe that this person's dreams were being squashed by the only person who has the power to make them come true; himself.

Of course, my dream since age eight was to break into the industry as well and in 15 years I have only made 2 films, both of which were low budget, and one of which was under 10 minutes long. Big deal. I still haven't lost sight of my goals and though it has taken years to get this far, and may take additional years to get even a bit further, I'd rather spend my life doing what I like, pursuing something I love, then spend it bored, settled, and devoid of all passion and love.

Imagine how many people are out there in the world, their dreams bursting at the seams, but who have too little self-confidence or drive to carry them out. There must be millions. And it's heartbreaking. Think about the one thing you want more than anything else. Now think about how it would feel never getting it. That feeling alone would make me want to do everything I could, just to try.

I am aware, however, that while shooting for your ultimate goal, there are distractions or perhaps great opportunities that veer you off of that path for your intended greatness, and I understand and respect that. But to not try at all because you think you won't make it? All that is doing is insulting yourself.

Keep your head held high and have the confidence to know if you want something bad enough, you'll eventually grab a hold of it.

If you have dreams, chase them; if you have setbacks, deal with them; if there is a person you love, do whatever you must to be with them, and if you really want something, it's never too far fetched. Life is all about trying to make your mark on the world and it's too short to be anything but happy.

Jitney Dreams and Tourist Desires

The other day was a monumental day for me because I rode the Hampton Jitney. Since I was just a wee tyke coming out here to vacation with my parents I would always marvel at the large green buses cruising the streets. Then, a couple of years ago, I fell in love with the word "jitney". Don't ask me why. But I finally had the chance to ride it.

First, I took the train into Manhattan for a commercial audition for the Food Network, and afterward booked myself a reservation on the Hamptons Express. My brother was very jealous too, him always being a fan from afar like myself.

However, waiting on 40th and Lexington, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the only form of public transportation I will ever enjoy, the Jit was late. Really late. Like a half hour late. And on my maiden voyage! I was upset, yes, but after I snuggled into the seat which thousands before me have rested their undoubtedly filthy legs and heads, I was happy. And I can't say I'm usually a fan of publicly used facilities. But the Jit was different. Plus, they fed me pretzels; an easy way into my heart anytime.

I'm going to borrow this line from Jerry Maguire: "Hampton JItney, you complete me". A little part of myself was completed, fulfilled. A dream of childhood reached.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Escape Artist

Lately I’ve been at a loss thinking about something to write about. I do not want this blog to be a shallow recounting of all the swanky events I attended and the VIPs I got to mingle with, because after a while, it would be boring to read.

While searching for something insightful and substantial to report, I was inspired when two of my friends from high school came to visit me this past weekend. Not only did they trigger an idea for a post, but they also made me ponder the idea of escapism and how I think everyone feels they need to escape something while they’re young.

I always prided myself on my cultured upbringing; I thought it was cool that I had lived in many different locations as a child, was able to vacation in places my friends didn’t, and was brought up to appreciate art and have an open mind about life in general. Foolishly, I thought this culture was reinforced by my family’s moving to West Deptford, New Jersey, but this weekend I realized what I think I knew all along; West Deptford is not the cultural epicenter of America. It was my parents who instilled that culture in me, not the town we lived in.

When my friends did come, we had a fun time, sure. We went to an ultra-exclusive party in East Hampton, to which we were ushered in on golf carts, and mingled with Susan Sarandon. However, one of my friends had serious reservations about the soiree because it was so different from anything she had experienced living in West Deptford her whole life. The other, I believe showed a meaner streak than usual because I think she was uncomfortable about being in the new setting. Therefore, the two stuck together in their unfamiliar whereabouts and, perhaps subconsciously, tried to make me feel bad for being here. You can take the girl out of West Deptford, but you can’t take the West Deptford out of the girl.

Their efforts, however, were in vain because I LOVE it here. WD will always be my home and I’ll forever feel some sense of pride in it, but I definitely do not plan on living there for the rest of my life. When I told them I was “not about” living in WD anymore, one thought I was crazy. But I need to escape.

Maybe it’s because I’m a guy and men usually want to branch out and start their own lives in a more drastic manner than girls – and, well, no, I really cannot make that sexist accusation because there are plenty of girls with the guts to move into a new setting and start a new life.

Truly I think it is because everyone feels an intrinsic obligation to escape their life when they’re young. And of course, it’s totally natural. You need to escape the life your parents built for you and strike out on your own. Leave the nest, if you will. And for me, growing up in West Deptford, I know that a lot of the people I attended high school with will be WD “lifers”. Nothing against that either, but isn’t it better to have a frame of mind in which you crave new experiences and want to see the world? Personally, I think it is. And from my experiences, a lot of people are afraid to do just that because of a fear of the unknown. And I feel sad for them. Sad, because I know they are so set in their ways I could never change their minds, and also sad that they won’t know a life outside the bubble they call home.

DISCLAIMER: Before all my West Deptford readers fire back at me, know that I am generalizing here and not speaking about any specific individuals.

Summer is ending and I think I feel this way because there is a question looming over my head about what I should do come September. My insides are bubbling with that escapist feeling and my mind’s hell-bent on branching out yet again on a new adventure. I just know that I can’t and go home and become another West Deptfordite. I just can’t.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Fourth (Part 2)

After my whirlwind weekend, the next day while working at Inlet, old friends Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn came in with their twins. Now when I say "old friends" I mean in this case, 2 extremely nice patrons who I met at the restaurant last summer and we exchanged a few conversations. So sue me for exaggerating...

However, to my astonishment, and bliss, the couple remembered my expert waitering skills from the previous year and warmly received me and asked me how my winter had been. I was beyond stoked! I have been watching these actors work since I was little and the fact that they remembered who I was absolutely made my day. Nay, my summer.

I had previously mentioned to them my aspirations for the silver screen and was happy to report that I had actually done some professional acting since our last meeting. They were thrilled. They exuded such enthusiasm about my projects, I was flattered. They treated me like I was an equal, a friend, and it reinforced my benevolent feelings toward them and made me respect them even more than I once had (if possible).

The pair of them are representative of the notion that even if you are in the public eye, it doesn't mean that you cannot be nice or genuine. They bring such a warm aura with them and their charisma is so infectious, it's not hard to understand why they have such a loyal fanbase.

We promised to keep in touch and that we would see each other again toward the end of the season.

This was probably the best Fourth of July I've ever had. Why can't every weekend be like this?

The Fourth (Part 1)

Pardon my short hiatus, but as usual I've been crazy busy. Since my last check-in, the Fourth of July happened, which as is commonplace in the Hamptons, was chock full of celebrities, excitement, and FUN.

I attended a cocktail party at Elie Tahari in East Hampton last Saturday which was held to celebrate a performance by Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, the bluegrass band, because they were performing at a local theater. The wine was free, the hors d'oeuvres delicious, and when a waiter had to get rid of the food on his tray, he always came straight to me, knowing I'd polish off the snack. And I always did.

Food aside, the real highlight was being able to meet Alec Baldwin. He strutted into the boutique with his entourage and I was able to snap a few pictures as well as have a chat with him. And because I am a film-loving fiend, I am always aware of new pictures that are in production. Thus, I asked Alec if he was excited to work with Woody Allen again on his latest project. He seemed baffled that I knew about the movie and asked if I was in the industry. Now that I have done 2 films, I can safely say that I am indeed "in" the industry and I slipped him my business card. And just for good measure, I also slipped him and extra that I told him to pass along to Woody. Alec laughed haughtily and promised me he would.

I made Alec Baldwin laugh. How cool?

After the event I jetted to Amagansett and met up with some GofG co-writers for the opening of the new restaurant, "Banzai Burger". After some drinks, we headed out to Montauk for the Ben Watts "Shark Attack Sounds" party where Naomi Watts and Liev Schriber were dancing the night away. It was a huge bash and was definitely THE Fourth of July party to attend in the Hamptons. Earlier that day I had seen fun-seekers flying into the Montauk airport just for the event. And I got to go!

All in all it was a successful weekend. However, little did I know, the next day was about to be even more satisfying...

Stay tuned.