Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kicking Off In Style

The Hamptons have been keeping me busy lately, which is all well and good because sitting idly by and not taking part in life is not my bag, but I did miss out on a phenomenal beach day on Saturday due to work.

However, despite my work schedule and my habit of picking up extra hours, I also began writing for the website blog, Guest of a Guest (GofaG), specifically the Hamptons chapter. The publication highlights where-to-go, who’s-at-which-event, and publishes fun posts to keep readers “in the know” for the current Hamptons summer season.

So I slapped on my Hamptons-best and attended my first event through GofaG at the opening of Restoration Hardware in East Hampton. The kindly girl at the door took down my name on her list and cordially led me inside where 3 waiters with trays of champagne were waiting for me. I could get used to it. Throughout the evening, I interviewed workers and other guests about the shop, until around 7:30 when Molly Sims strutted in.

I was stoked. Save for Charlie O’Connell who had had lunch at the restaurant the other day, she was my first celeb this season. Before she left, I told her who I was and she shook my hand before graciously posing for a picture; not only is she stunningly attractive, she’s nice too.

As much as I loved covering the event, I realized that I don’t really want to be the reporter asking celebrities for pictures for the rest of my life, I just want to be friends with them and get the scoop because we’re tight. Is that so much to ask? Hopefully though if I get to frequent events like this one, my request may not be too far fetched; I’ll be able to establish a rapport! And that is what this summer is going to be about: networking and making connections so that come winter, I’ll have some leads.

I cannot stress enough how exciting working with GofaG is going to be. The staff seems great and the “work” is anything but work; it’s fun. Going to invite-only events and sipping champagne from Cipriani’s? I’ll take it. And I better find something to do after this summer is over because knowing me, I’m going to grow accustomed to this life of luxury and be rudely shocked by reality if I have to return to South Jersey.

Yeah, life could be worse…

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