Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Fourth (Part 1)

Pardon my short hiatus, but as usual I've been crazy busy. Since my last check-in, the Fourth of July happened, which as is commonplace in the Hamptons, was chock full of celebrities, excitement, and FUN.

I attended a cocktail party at Elie Tahari in East Hampton last Saturday which was held to celebrate a performance by Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, the bluegrass band, because they were performing at a local theater. The wine was free, the hors d'oeuvres delicious, and when a waiter had to get rid of the food on his tray, he always came straight to me, knowing I'd polish off the snack. And I always did.

Food aside, the real highlight was being able to meet Alec Baldwin. He strutted into the boutique with his entourage and I was able to snap a few pictures as well as have a chat with him. And because I am a film-loving fiend, I am always aware of new pictures that are in production. Thus, I asked Alec if he was excited to work with Woody Allen again on his latest project. He seemed baffled that I knew about the movie and asked if I was in the industry. Now that I have done 2 films, I can safely say that I am indeed "in" the industry and I slipped him my business card. And just for good measure, I also slipped him and extra that I told him to pass along to Woody. Alec laughed haughtily and promised me he would.

I made Alec Baldwin laugh. How cool?

After the event I jetted to Amagansett and met up with some GofG co-writers for the opening of the new restaurant, "Banzai Burger". After some drinks, we headed out to Montauk for the Ben Watts "Shark Attack Sounds" party where Naomi Watts and Liev Schriber were dancing the night away. It was a huge bash and was definitely THE Fourth of July party to attend in the Hamptons. Earlier that day I had seen fun-seekers flying into the Montauk airport just for the event. And I got to go!

All in all it was a successful weekend. However, little did I know, the next day was about to be even more satisfying...

Stay tuned.

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