Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Fourth (Part 2)

After my whirlwind weekend, the next day while working at Inlet, old friends Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn came in with their twins. Now when I say "old friends" I mean in this case, 2 extremely nice patrons who I met at the restaurant last summer and we exchanged a few conversations. So sue me for exaggerating...

However, to my astonishment, and bliss, the couple remembered my expert waitering skills from the previous year and warmly received me and asked me how my winter had been. I was beyond stoked! I have been watching these actors work since I was little and the fact that they remembered who I was absolutely made my day. Nay, my summer.

I had previously mentioned to them my aspirations for the silver screen and was happy to report that I had actually done some professional acting since our last meeting. They were thrilled. They exuded such enthusiasm about my projects, I was flattered. They treated me like I was an equal, a friend, and it reinforced my benevolent feelings toward them and made me respect them even more than I once had (if possible).

The pair of them are representative of the notion that even if you are in the public eye, it doesn't mean that you cannot be nice or genuine. They bring such a warm aura with them and their charisma is so infectious, it's not hard to understand why they have such a loyal fanbase.

We promised to keep in touch and that we would see each other again toward the end of the season.

This was probably the best Fourth of July I've ever had. Why can't every weekend be like this?

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