Saturday, September 10, 2011


Last weekend I began conversing with a friend of mine who expressed their ultimate desire about breaking into the entertainment industry, but who was convinced that doing so was a mistake, that obtaining work would be impossible and thus, it would not be worth pursuing. I was flabbergasted, shell-shocked, floored. I could not believe that this person's dreams were being squashed by the only person who has the power to make them come true; himself.

Of course, my dream since age eight was to break into the industry as well and in 15 years I have only made 2 films, both of which were low budget, and one of which was under 10 minutes long. Big deal. I still haven't lost sight of my goals and though it has taken years to get this far, and may take additional years to get even a bit further, I'd rather spend my life doing what I like, pursuing something I love, then spend it bored, settled, and devoid of all passion and love.

Imagine how many people are out there in the world, their dreams bursting at the seams, but who have too little self-confidence or drive to carry them out. There must be millions. And it's heartbreaking. Think about the one thing you want more than anything else. Now think about how it would feel never getting it. That feeling alone would make me want to do everything I could, just to try.

I am aware, however, that while shooting for your ultimate goal, there are distractions or perhaps great opportunities that veer you off of that path for your intended greatness, and I understand and respect that. But to not try at all because you think you won't make it? All that is doing is insulting yourself.

Keep your head held high and have the confidence to know if you want something bad enough, you'll eventually grab a hold of it.

If you have dreams, chase them; if you have setbacks, deal with them; if there is a person you love, do whatever you must to be with them, and if you really want something, it's never too far fetched. Life is all about trying to make your mark on the world and it's too short to be anything but happy.

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